HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders


Ideal for high loads and large spans

Architects, planners and project developers face new challenges with ever greater demands on supporting structures and complex designs. By using HASSLACHER BauBuche, with its exceptionally high mechanical properties, a solution designed for high loads as well as large spans can be realised in slim form and cost-effectively. Its novel and aesthetically appealing appearance opens new opportunities for visible applications and encourages architectural creativity.


  • Slimmer dimensions for girders and beams
  • Higher mechanical properties than spruce
  • Volume savings in construction
  • Novel, aesthetically appealing appearance

Areas of use

  • Beams and support structures
  • Engineered timber structures with large spans and high loads
  • Tensile and compressive stressed components in wooden trusses
  • Highly loaded, slender supports

Project Edeka Göttingen

As a result of the rounded shape of the building’s supporting structure and the complex design, the architects and structural engineers faced great challenges, which were ultimately solved by using beams made of LVL.

The roof was constructed in monopitch form using beams made of spruce glulam and HASSLACHER BauBuche. The use of HASSLACHER BauBuche made it possible to ensure a significantly reduced construction height of the beams. This height reduction was necessary for the beams not to collide with the insulation layer; using HASSLACHER BauBuche allowed the design to be implemented according to plan. The special structural features are that the support structure has two circular skylights, each with a diameter of 15 m.

 Photography: © Rensteph Thompson (HESS TIMBER)

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