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HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Kindergarten Gradina

Gradina in Croatia

© Stenavert
© Stenavert
© Stenavert
© Stenavert

The community of Gradina has decided to set up 50 high quality childcare places. For this kindergarten, 30 m³ of finger jointed structural timber were used for the exterior and interior walls, 38 m³ of glulam with CNCs for the roof construction and about 26 m³ of façade boards out of larch. The special profiling enabled the use of the "TIGA façade system". The advantages of this system are a visually high-quality result and a quick and easy installation due to the screwless snap-mechanism of the aluminium-zinc connector.

Project information
Location: Gradina in Croatia
Customer: Stenavert d.o.o.
Architect: Ljiljana Saraga
Structural analysis and design: KaStudio
Building owner: Community of Gradina
Year of construction: 2020
Products used: 26,2 m³ facade out of larch with TIGA facade system, 30 m³ finger jointed structural timber, 38 m³ glued laminated timber with CNCs