HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

HASSLACHER Group takes over Nordlam

Major investment by the HASSLACHER Group brings new jobs

On 13/06/2017, Stefan Rubner (President, RUBNER Holzindustrie AG) and Christoph Kulterer (CEO HASSLACHER group) signed the contract for the takeover of all parts of the two firms, Nordlam GmbH and Abbundzentrum Nordlam GmbH, headquartered in Magdeburg. The 250 employees were informed of the takeover by Stefan Rubner in an information event immediately after the signing. At the same time, HASSLACHER group was presented as the future owner. Nordlam GmbH was founded by RUBNER in 2000 as a greenfield project and has grown over a period of a few years to become one of the largest glulam producers in Europe. Today the Nordlam brand stands for high-quality laminated timber in pre-cut standard forms, commissioned products and Express Elements. In the last few years, the site was extended by adding a cutting centre and a second glulam production line. Today around 200,000 m³ of glulam are produced in Magdeburg and sold all over the world.

“With HASSLACHER group we have found a dependable partner for the responsible, continued management of the Magdeburg site, confident that we are placing our long-serving and worthy staff in good hands, and we look forward to excellent collaboration in the future”, said the managing director, Stefan Rubner. “In future, RUBNER will concentrate more on producing wooden panel material and its core competence of construction using wood”.

Because with the Nordpan brand, RUBNER is a leading manufacturer of single and solid wood panels made of spruce, pine and larch. Going forward, the intent is to extend market leadership in this area, which is why RUBNER has decided to concentrate 100% on this area. To this end, forward-looking investments and decisions have already been made.

“As a company with many years’ experience in the production of high-quality laminated timber, Nordlam is very close to us, not only in terms of its product portfolio but also it high technological standards”, said CEO Christoph Kulterer. “The acquisition of Nordlam enables further growth for us on international markets, so that we can cater for increasing demand. We look forward to collaboration across this location with all 250 Nordlam staff.”

HASSLACHER group plans to increase production at the Magdeburg site with the existing staff and to enlarge the product portfolio in the medium term.


RUBNER group

RUBNER group is one of the most important timber construction firms in Europe. Founded in Kiens (Bolzano), Italy, in 1926 by Josef Rubner Senior as a small sawmill, RUBNER has grown into an internationally active firm that sets new standards in timber construction. Headed by Peter Rubner, President of RUBNER group, this family firm is active in the five business areas of timber industry, timber structural engineering, building construction, timber-frame house construction and wooden doors. Its success reflects a passion for wood as a material and the constant challenge to get the maximum from the raw material.

At sites in Italy, Austria, Germany and France, RUBNER employs more than 1500 staff. Annual turnover is around 375 million euros.



This family enterprise, founded in 1901 and with an annual turnover of around 300 million euros, employs more than 1200 staff. With its seven production sites in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Russia, it is one of the largest, leading timber industry enterprises in Europe and operates worldwide in more than 40 countries as an innovative manufacturer of solid timber materials, timber constructions and as a supplier of modern architectural timber structural engineering.
True to its motto: “From wood to wonders.”


RUBNER Holding

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