From wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Stand and club building

Buch-St. Magdalena

© Ralph Semmler | HASSLACHER Gruppe
© Ralph Semmler | HASSLACHER Gruppe
© Ralph Semmler | HASSLACHER Gruppe
© Ralph Semmler | HASSLACHER Gruppe

After more than 40 years, the Styrian football club SV Buch/St. Magdalena decided to adapt its sports arena, which was no longer up to date for training and championship operations with 10 teams from the under-7-years to the first team. The entire sports facility was completely rebuilt and timber was used for both the grandstand and the club building.
The walls were built using the efficient frame work construction, for which finger jointed structural timber [KVH] from HASSLACHER PREDING Holzindustrie GmbH was used for the beams and studs. The roof structure was perfectly adapted to the production possibilities of NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH of the HASSLACHER Group. The wide cantilevered glulam beams form the roofing for the spacious grandstand. The opening match on 10 September 2022 was attended by over 400 football enthusiasts and ended in a 4:3 victory for the home team. This victory and the opening were duly celebrated afterwards.

Project information
Standort: Buch-St. Magdalena, Österreich
Kunde: Holz & Bau Hirschböck Hartberg
Architekt: Planungsbüro Faist e.U.
Statik und Konstruktion: freiraum zt gmbh
Bauherr: Community Buch-St. Magdalena
Baujahr: 2022
Verwendete Produkte: Glued laminated timber, finger jointed structural timber