HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

HASSLACHER Group acquires

a participating interest in LAU Forstservice

HASSLACHER Group has taken a 60% shareholding in LAU Forstservice GmbH. Operating throughout Austria and internationally, the Lau Group was founded by Walter Lau in 1979 and now employs around 250 staff in four countries. This service company covers the complete range of forestry management and is a specialist in rope harvesting.

Forestry and timber know-how as the ideal synergy
“In the course of our 40-year corporate history, we’ve enjoyed many successes and expanded the company into an internationally active group. At the present moment it was important for me to arrange for succession in such a way that things can continue successfully”, said Walter Lau, who will continue as managing director of LAU Forstservice Group. “The key reason for my decision was that the HASSLACHER Group is a family-run company. From my point of view, this step ensures the continuance of my company, the preservation of all jobs and the further development of my visions in the forestry sector. In Christoph Kulterer I have met an entrepreneur who still values the significance of a handshake and appreciation of staff”, said Walter Lau.

Value-creation in the local area
“This majority shareholding in LAU Forstservice is an important step for HASSLACHER Group, also in terms of the history of our company. Log harvesting has played an essential role from the very beginning. We consider it important to maintain know-how and value-creation in the forestry services sector on a regional basis. Particularly in times of climate change and ever more frequent forest damage events, the rapid processing of roundwood and the logistics behind it are fundamental. This strategic participation will enable HASSLACHER Group to act even more flexibly in the future, in synergy with existing service providers and in the interests of our suppliers”, said Christoph Kulterer, CEO and owner of HASSLACHER Group. “We’re based in a mountainous region where rope harvesting has always been of great importance. In LAU Forstservice we’re pleased to have gained a specialist who covers the whole range of forestry management”.

About LAU Forstservice GmbH
Founded in 1979, the company offers a comprehensive range of services and covers the entire spectrum of forest management. With 250 staff in four countries, the company operates nationally and internationally as a specialist and service provider. In addition to the core business of timber harvesting with ropeways, harvesters and manually, all other areas such as forest maintenance, planning and consulting for forestry projects, as well as the logistics chain, are also offered. In addition, personnel leasing is one of the growth areas of the future.

As an innovative, internationally active and family-run timber industry company, HASSLACHER Group is the world market leader in the field of glulam and has stood for pioneering spirit, performance, quality, longevity and social responsibility for 120 years. With its 1800 staff, HASSLACHER Group produces innovative products in the areas of sawn timber, planed timber, glulam, cross laminated timber and solid structural timber for modern timber construction at eight locations in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Russia. True to its motto: “From wood to wonders.”

Further information: lauforst.com

Photo: © HASSLACHER Group
Christoph Kulterer (CEO and owner of HASSLACHER Group) and Walter Lau (CEO and owner of LAU Forstservice GmbH) celebrate: HASSLACHER Group acquires a 60% majority shareholding in LAU Forstservice GmbH.

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