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Kiskunhalas amphitheater

Kiskunhalas in Hungary

© Gyfa Kft.
© Gyfa Kft.
© Gyfa Kft.
© Gyfa Kft.
© Gyfa Kft.

Efficient structure
Kiskunhalas, a small town in the southern Hungarian county of Bács-Kiskun approx. 130 km south of Budapest in Hungary, will soon have a small but nice attraction. The HASSLACHER Group supplied around 20 m³ of spruce glued laminated timber for an amphitheater that was built by Gyefa Kft.
The structure consists of split supports, which at the same time form the fork bearing and the rigid connection to the arched roof girders. The cutting of the glued laminated timber and the pre-assembly of steel parts guaranteed quick and therefore cost-effective assembly on the construction site. The HASSLACHER Group's locations in Stall im Mölltal and Kleinheubach were responsible for the production of these projects.

Project information
Location: Kiskunhalas in Hungary
Customer: Gyefa Kft.
Architect: Kajcsovicz Adrián
Structural analysis and design: Halasi Média és Kultúra Nonprofit Szolgáltató Kft.
Builder: SÓSTÓ event space
Year of construction: 2020
Products used: 20 m³ glued laminated timber and glued laminated timber special components