From wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Robelbois Warehouse

Casablanca/Mohamedia Marokko

© HASSLACHER Gruppe | Paul Rosnoblet
© HASSLACHER Gruppe | Paul Rosnoblet
© HASSLACHER Gruppe | Paul Rosnoblet
© HASSLACHER Gruppe | Paul Rosnoblet
© HASSLACHER Gruppe | Paul Rosnoblet

Robelbois is one of the leading traders of Timber and construction materials in Morocco. Their warehouse is around 30.000 m² and is highlighted due to its straightforward and efficient structure.

The primary beams are double pitched beams with a span of around 36m. The radius of the beams has been designed to omit the need of any reinforcement screws.
To reduce volume, the purlins were designed to be double span. The wind bracing rods make sure the roof structure is laterally braced. The precast concrete post were delivered with a height of 6m with the head poured on site. Instead of the snow loads, common in middle Europe, dust from the desert needed to be take into consideration. The critical load case for the majoirty of the structural members was wind suction.

All the glulam was produced within the Hasslacher group, with the volume of 2.100 m³ in Kleinheubach - 1.350 m³ for special beams - and 700 m³ in Magdeburg - After the land transportation the full volume was send via Eemshaven to Morocco on a vessel.

The duration from start of the design to the delivery to Morocco was around 4 months. The tight schedule was just possible due to the optimal cooperation between design, production and logistics teams within the HASSLACHER group.

There was savings of 1.925 tons of CO2 for the entire project as a result of the glued laminated timber provided by the HASSLACHER group.

Project information
Location: Casablanca/Mohamedia Marokko
Customer: Robelbois®
Architect: Tariq Larhrissi - Made Architecture
Builder: Robelbois®
Year of construction: 2022
Products used: Glued laminated timber and glulam special components