HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

"Hands well that ends well" award

AUVA honours apprentices from HA

The "Hands well that ends well" awards were recently presented at a gala event held in the Marx Palace in Vienna. Special measures for preventing hand injuries were honoured in the "Models of good practice" category. The award was presented to the HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER Group.

HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER holds an annual "Safety Day" for its apprentices. In 2015 the motto for the day was "Hands well that ends well!" The aim was to consciously raise the apprentices' awareness of occupational safety in general and specifically their awareness of preventing hand injuries.

At the same time, all the apprentices were networked via the WhatsApp communication platform under the project title "FIT 4 HANDS". On the one hand, this was to strengthen the cohesion of the apprentices from different skilled trades and in different locations as a group. On the other hand, it speeded up a rapid exchange of information about safety topics during the project. Judith Murauer, Head of Human Resources for the HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER Group, said, "We are really very pleased to have received this award and are already working on upcoming projects on the issue of apprentice safety during training."

At the presentation in Vienna: Gerwig Tiefnig (Safety Officer atHASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER) with the apprentices: Cornelia Seibald, Christina Kapeller, Fabio Schlaf, Patrik Kollmitzer, Farzudin Halilovic and Chrysanth Moser as well as Judith Murauer (centre, Head of HRHASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER). Not on the photo: Apprentice Oliver Kröll


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