HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Logistics terminal

Sachsenburg in Carinthia

© Trecolore Architects
© Trecolore Architects
© Trecolore Architects
© Trecolore Architects

Dynamic & representative
The municipality of Sachsenburg, which belongs to the district of Spittal an der Drau in Carinthia, is the historical origin and home to the headquarters of the HASSLACHER Group. The curved canopy of the logistics terminal at the Sachsenburg location has become the identifying visual feature of the company. It dominates the architecture of the building and at the same time makes for a representative landmark. The glued laminated timber mainly used for this is one of the HASSLACHER Group's most important timber construction products.

Wood & glass
The single-storey office building integrated into the terminal was also constructed entirely in timber. The floor consists of a wood-concrete composite construction, the walls were made of solid timber in lightweight timber construction and glued laminated timber was again used for the ceiling construction in the form of glulam ceiling systems. Simple shapes combined with generous glass surfaces convey a contemporary architectural language. The structure's transparency ensures spatial quality, which is also reflected in the differently zoned office areas. Shade is provided by means of horizontal sunshade slats, partly mounted on the glass façade and partly on the innovative roof construction, which again create a representative reference to the company due to the dynamically shaped glued laminated timber elements. A prefabricated façade system made of larch emphasises this office building’s simple shapes.

Lightness & light
The logistics terminal seems to float under the oversized canopy. Here, too, clear, simple forms and functionality dominate. Atriums in which trees have been planted lend a lightness to the sprawling canopy and create a inviting atmosphere.

Project information
Location: Sachsenburg in Carinthia
Customer: HASSLACHER Drauland Holzindustrie GmbH
Architect: Trecolore Architects
Structural analysis and design: DI Markus Lackner
Builder: HASSLACHER Drauland Holzindustrie GmbH
Year of construction: 2008
Products used: Glued laminated timber in special shapes, timber-concrete composite elements, glulam ceiling systems, structural finger jointed solid timber, façade elements made of larch
Special features: Raised construction on both sides of the terminal!