From wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

House at the Ossiacher See

Landskron near Villach in Carinthia

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The positioning and division of the building itself creates both a separation from the adjacent busy street and an intimate courtyard-like living situation.
All parts of the building, including the adjoining rooms and courtyards, as well as the garden, are located on one level. In addition, most of the parapets have been pulled down to seat height. Sliding doors, which are integrated into the wall elements to save space, serve as a separation between the areas.
This concept makes it possible to separate the individual components into subunits or to add further ones as required, thereby reacting to changing living situations.
In the use of the materials, emphasis was placed on naturalness and sustainability. Larch wood for the façade, clay bricks, natural stone characterize the exterior surfaces. In the interior, the white wall surfaces and the continuous solid wood flooring create a simple elegance.

Project information
Location: Landskron near Villach in Carinthia
Customer: Zimmerei Kofler und Kavalar Betriebs GmbH
Architect: trans_city ZT gmbH
Building owner: Family U.
Year of construction: 2017
Products used: HASSLACHER Rhomboline in larch