HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Church Trnava

The city of Trnava, located in the west of Slovakia, is one of the oldest cities of this country with approximately 65,000 inhabitants. With the Church Trnava it has now one additional impressive wood building to offer. The historical city center is characterized, among other things, by a large number of churches and is therefore also called "Little Rome" (parva Roma) or nowadays "Slovak Rome". For the new church in the pastoral center "To the Divine Mercy" the location chosen was the outskirts of the city. The dome-shaped timber construction consists of about 20 m³ of spruce glulam special components, which were delivered to the construction site as prefabricated and pre installed painted parts. For the secondary beams, visible quality structural solid wood was chosen. The unmistakable solid wood character that the solid structural timber radiates was particularly important to the client and the architect. For bracing purposes, around 5 m³ of cross laminated timber was also used. The timber construction also continues in the use of other materials, as the roof is covered with split wood shingles.

Standort: Trnava Slowakia
Kunde: LUMINOR s.r.o., Brezovička
Architekt: Atelier DV s.r.o., Ing.arch.Ďurko; eMeRstat s.r.o. Ing.Rakús
Statik und Konstruktion: Spoločnosť KONTRAKTING
Bauherr: Spoločnosť KONTRAKTING
Baujahr: 2021
Verwendete Produkte: Glued laminated timber, glulam special components, cross laminated timber, finger jointed structural timber