HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Bivouac "Zoran Šimić"

"The “Zoran Šimić” bivouac is located on the edge of the Rakitnica Canyon, which runs between the Visočica and Bjelašnica mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is one of the few places where hiking trails cross the valley and connect the two mountains. At this point there is an impressive vantage point, which offers a wonderful view of the surroundings along the north-south axis. In keeping with this, the bivouac is precisely designed so that the visitor gets a perfect view of the dreamy landscape.

The interior of the bivouac is divided into three podiums that serve as floors, beds or benches. The two opposite podiums are oriented towards the entrance area and so up to nine visitors can sit opposite each other. The external shape of the bivouac corresponds to the arrangement of the podiums in the interior, so that the bivouac requires a minimal ecological footprint in the sense of digging in the ground for installation.

The fact that one of the leading architects is himself an enthusiastic mountaineer not only contributed significantly to the planning of the bivouac, but also to optimizing the bivouac for future users. As an architect, Filter Architecture is responsible - a group of young architects from Sarajevo who also designed the main building of the Željezničar mountaineering club.

The HASSLACHER Group supplied the interior cladding made of planed spruce ship floor for this project. The 229 m² in quality B give the interior a suitable rustic look."

Used wooden products: planed timber in spruce
Location: Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Customer: Mountaineering Club Željezničar
Architect or planner: Kenan Vatrenjak / Filter Architecture

Photo © Zlatan Kurto

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