From wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Wooden-Origami-Studio Gmünd

Gmünd in Carinthia

© Albert Wiltsche
© Albert Wiltsche
© Albert Wiltsche
© Albert Wiltsche
© Albert Wiltsche
© Albert Wiltsche

The timber folded plate studio was designed as spatially load-bearing folded plate structure, assembled from discs and plates. Most notably, the beam of the cross laminated timber was especially ambitious and can be seen as 'Champignons League' in the field of wood processing.

Project information
Location: Municipality of Gmünd
Customer: Carpentry Ing. Georg Preiml
Architect: DI Dr. Milena Starvic and Mag. Dr. Albert Wiltsche / Institute of Architecture and Media, Technical University Graz
Structural analysis and design: Competence Centre holz.bau forschungs gmbh of the Technical University Graz
Building owner: Municipality of Gmünd
Year of construction: 2017
Products used: Cross laminated timber made of spruce, larch and birch in visual and excellent quality. Glued lamindated timber in visual quality.
Special features: Thanks to the generous support of the HASSLACHER Group, the artist town Gmünd is able to commemorate the founding father of the Kulturinitiative Gmünd, Heinz Miklautz, with this architecturally innovative and spectacular wooden-origami-studio for sculptors.