HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

EGGER production hall

Lexington, North Carolina, USA

© EGGER Group
© EGGER Group

In September 2018, the Austrian manufacturer of wood-based products, EGGER, began building a new production facility for wood-based products in Lexington, North Carolina, USA. The plant is the company's first production facility in North America. At the site in Lexington this will create about 400 new jobs. The decision to build one of the production halls with timber as a material was made deliberately.

"We have very consciously used glued laminated timber beams for the supporting structure of the press building – which is the centerpiece of the plant. This not only enabled us to bring a piece of timber construction tradition from our home in Europe to the United States, but also, as a manufacturer of wood-based materials, to send a clear signal of our commitment to wood as a valuable material."
– Christian Kasper, Project Manager, EGGER –

The patented and worldwide proven joint system HESS LIMITLESS has been used. The segmentation of the elements (up to 30m in overall length) at our factory facilitated cost-effective and flexible transport in standardised sea freight containers from Germany to North America. At the construction site, 61 joints were then executed using the HESS LIMITLESS joint system."

Project information
Location: Lexington, North Carolina, USA
Customer: EGGER
Structural analysis and design: HESS TIMBER
Building owner: EGGER
Year of construction: 2018, 2019
Products used: HESS LIMITLESS