HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Nordic World Ski Championships 2021 in Oberstdorf

HASSLACHER Group manufactures sustainable and mobile ORF studio

For the third time, the Nordic World Ski Championships are being held in Oberstdorf in the Oberallgäu region. And for the very first time, Carinthian timber know-how was put to use in its context: On behalf of GETEC Eventtechnik GmbH, the HASSLACHER Group supplied a mobile ORF studio made entirely of local wood.

Customised system components made of wood
With the aim of introducing sustainability to event technology, GETEC Eventtechnik GmbH decided to use an ecological construction method for the ORF studio instead of a conventional event studio made of aluminium profiles and foils. The Red Bull Motorhome, which was built with HASSLACHER wood products and can be assembled and dismantled within a few hours at European races, served as an inspiration for the design. The advantages were obvious: Quick and easy assembly and disassembly, light but resistant prefabricated system elements due to the manipulation effort and the often difficult access, and last but not least, the aim was to create a pleasant space where presenters as well as crew members and guests simply feel comfortable. HASSLACHER CROSS LAMINATED TIMBER perfectly combines all of these attributes.

Easy assembly and dismantling
The new ORF studio is an almost 100 % push-fit modular system – hard to beat in terms of setup and dismantling time. The wooden components are force-locked using prefabricated wall-to-wall-to-corner connectors supplied by Knapp Verbindungstechnik as well as carpenter's joints, which were precisely shaped employing the HASSLACHER Group’s state-of-the-art joining equipment. The visual external cladding made of larch is supplied and installed at the same time, as it was glued directly onto the cross laminated timber elements during production and provided with a façade structure cut. During this short construction period, a factory-applied "Timber protect" waterproofing membrane from Isocell serves to protect the structure from the weather and also serves as a rainproof sub-roof membrane.

Wood as a feel-good factor
The ORF studio in Oberstdorf boasts HASSLACHER’s excellent surface finish, which, due to its locked layout, results in a long-lasting, crack-free, joint-free and homogeneous appearance. In addition, all wooden surfaces were treated with a multi-layer ALDER Lignovit UV 100 stain in the surface refinement centre in Stall im Mölltal, which further emphasises the natural character of spruce and protects the wood from yellowing.

Low weight
The few prefabricated parts used were designed in such a way that they have the lowest possible dead weight and can be quickly assembled and disassembled with a simple crane. Cross laminated timber is also characterised by a low density at comparatively high mechanical properties.

Trial assembly at the HASSLACHER site in Stall im Mölltal.
Another success factor was the opportunity for the event fitters to pre-assemble the studio under the supervision of Lorenz Lerchbaumer (Technical Sales HASSLACHER CLT) in the new 10,000 m² production hall at the HASSLACHER site in Stall im Mölltal. "That was important, because those guys had never before worked with such refined-surface wooden building elements. Furthermore, trial construction also gave us the chance to measure the natural dimensions for the glass front," says Lerchbaumer, who contributed his years of experience on timber construction sites to this project. He was pleased with the result of the thorough planning and prefabrication: On Monday, the elements was loaded and as early as Tuesday, the client inspected the ORF studio in Oberstdorf, completely ready for use. The client was extremely happy, and further wooden studios of this type are supposed to follow.

Photo: © GETEC Eventtechnik GmbH

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