From wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Campus Cherrywood

Dublin, Ireland

The canopy measures approximately 25 x 19 m in total and covers a "Sunken Garden" on the grounds of the "Campus Cherrywood", a business park for innovative start-ups and companies in the field of biotechnology and medical technology located close to Dublin, Ireland.

The impressive free-formed grid shell glulam structure has been produced and supplied by HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, whereby the planning and production of the three-dimensional glulam components to the edge of the structure was particularly challenging.

The individual spruce glulam components were produced in a 3D press in Kleinheubach, Germany and subsequently processed into the final shape with a precise 5-Axis-CNC machine. The whole canopy structure consisting of free-formed glued laminated timber components as well as free-formed glass rests on three V-shaped steel columns and was designed by the architect Benjamin Thomas of MOLA Architecture.

A film team accompanied the production process of the complex components in Kleinheubach and the assembly on the construction site in Dublin, Ireland. The short video provides interesting insights into production and is available on the HASSLACHER Group's YouTube channel.

Project information
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Client: SÖDRA
Architect: MOLA Architecture
Year of construction: 2021
Products used: 20 m³ free-formed timber