HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders


From wood to wonders.

1901 – Founding of the company by Jakob Hasslacher, great-grandfather of the current owner Christoph Kulterer.

1905-1914 – Operation of the pulp mill which was built in 1901 was extended with trade in timber; agricultural and forestry land was acquired and pioneer Jakob Hasslacher opened it up with access roads. Jakob Hasslacher took over his father-in-law's business with a small saw mill.

1916 – Establishment and management of the Norica cooperative as a sales organization for more than 100 small sawmills, expansion of export to Italy

1919 – Establishment of the Brüder Hasslacher & Co company in Hermagor jointly with his brother Franz Hasslacher; purchase there of Grünburg, the Prince of Porcia's estate, with about 1,000 ha of forest

1929-1932 – Acquisition of the forestry estate formerly owned by the Prince of Porcia in the Drau and Lesach Valley with more than 2,600 hectares of forest

1935-1938 – Liquidation of the Norica cooperative, whose sales organization was taken over by the Hasslacher companies; cutting edge expansion of the saw mill in Sachsenburg

1942 – Acquisition of the Leykam board mill in Spittal and construction of the hydropower plant on the River Lieser

1952 – Jakob Hasslacher acquired all shares in the company Brüder Hasslacher in Hermagor and handed this company over to his son Dr. Herbert Hasslacher.

1958 – Jakob Hasslacher handed over his companies in the Drau Valley to his grandson Dipl. Ing. Herbert Kulterer.

1961 – From this year onwards, gradual expansion of capacities and extension of the saw mill in Sachsenburg based on the Swedish model

1983 – Expansion of saw mill production by means of further automation, circular resaws and construction of the new planing mill

1996 – Installation of the first chipping line

1998 – Fire in Sachsenburg; rebuilding and expansion with Linck and Springer systems and purchase of the Gebrüder Feltrinelli Drauland company. The plants were merged to form Hasslacher Drauland Holzindustrie GmbH.

2000 – Setting up of the HASSLACHER district heating supply; Sachsenburg and Möllbrücke are supplied with district heating.

2001 – Entry into glue laminated timber production on establishing the NORITEC GmbH company in Stall in the Möll Valley. Following a fire, one of Europe's most advanced glue laminated timber plants was built in Sachsenburg in 2006.

2004 –Entry into electricity production from biomass on establishing HASSLACHER Energie GmbH and constructing the first CHP plant in Sachsenburg

2007 – DI Herbert Kulterer handed over the business to his sons. Christoph Kulterer took over the majority of the industrial operations, Stefan Kulterer took over the forestry business. Expansion of electricity production with construction of the second CHP plant in Sachsenburg

2008 – Purchase of the saw mill from the Kogler Holz company in Liebenfels

2009 – Acquisition of Leitinger Holzindustrie with its sites of Preding in Styria and Malaya Vishera in Russia

2011 – Purchase of the Ökohaus company in Stall in the Möll Valley and expansion of cross-laminated timber production; Buchacher Holzleimbau GmbH in Hermagor was also taken over.

2014 – Expansion of the plant in Malaya Vishera with planing mill, heating plant and pellet production plant

2015 – Commissioning of the company's own photovoltaic systems on the Sachsenburg and Preding sites; majority acquisition of LIP BOHINJ d.o.o

2015 – Increased ecological approach to production. Installation of photovoltaic plants at various locations with an overall peak output of 3.6 MW. Shares in Lip Bohinj d.o.o. increased from 35% to 75%.

2016 – 24% stake in SWA Systembauteile GmbH which produces wood-concrete composite elements. Majority acquisition (75%) of HESS Timber in Kleinheubach (D) with the aim of taking modern architecture and engineering wood structures to a new level.

2017 – The RUBNER corporate group has sold Nordlam GmbH and Abbundzentrum Nordlam GmbH (cutting centre) to the HASSLACHER group.

2018 – The HASSLACHER group raises its participation in the neighbouring country Slovenia, at LIP Bohinj, d.o.o., formwork panels factory, the company ownership increases from 75 % to 100 %.

2019 – Investments at the Sachsenburg, Preding, Stall/Mölltal and Malaya Vishera sites.

2020 – The HASSLACHER Group is the world market leader in glulam.

2022 – The HASSLACHER Group acquires a 60 % stake in LAU Forstservice GmbH. 2022 By acquiring Holzbau Hofer GmbH, a company that operates both domestically and internationally, the HASSLACHER Group further expands its expertise in engineering and industrial prefabrication.

2022 – The HASSLACHER Group takes over Gemson GmbH, a company that operates both domestically and internationally.

2023 – By acquiring Dickel-Holz GmbH & Co KG, the HASSLACHER Group takes an important step towards the company’s expansion in Germany.

2023 – By acquiring a strategic 40 % stake in the Egoin Wood Group, a company that operates both domestically and internationally, the HASSLACHER Group pushes ahead with its expansion strategy, strengthening its position in south-western Europe.

2023 – Sale of the Russian site in Malaya Vishera Russia, DOO HASSLACHERLES.

2023 – Strategic investment in urb-x, a sustainable, high-tech construction system for building efficient and safe bike highways using glulam as the primary construction material. The basic product for this is the sustainable raw material wood.