From wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

HBLA Pitzelstätten

Klagenfurt-Wölfnitz in Carinthia

© Franz Roth GmbH
© Franz Roth GmbH
© Franz Roth GmbH
© Franz Roth GmbH
© Franz Roth GmbH

The project includes the renovation and extension of the student residence as well as a new building with an area of about 3,800 m². In total, the building comprises of 220 beds, of which 118 are in the existing building and 102 in the new building. The new building area and the increase of the stock was carried out as a wooden construction. For this purpose, 2,000 m³ of cross laminated timber, mostly of visual quality, 300 m³ of finger jointed structural timber and about 100 m³ of glulam were produced and delivered to the building site.

Project information
Location: Klagenfurt-Wölfnitz in Carinthia
Customer: Franz Roth GmbH, Zimmerei & Holzbau
Architect: klingan.konzett architektur ZT GmbH
Structural analysis and design: DI Alfred Brunnsteiner ZT-GMBH
Building owner: Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism
Year of construction: 2018
Products used: Cross laminated timber, finger jointed structural timber, glued laminated timber