HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

EnBW Charging Station

Lichtenau near Chemnitz, Germany

© Endre Dulic
© Endre Dulic
© Endre Dulic

The HASSLACHER group was commissioned with two pilot projects for the EnBW HyperNetz: two identical EnBW fast charging parks were built in Lichtenau near Chemnitz and Nahetal near Mainz. What is special about these projects is not only the wooden roof construction, but also the comprehensive support provided by the HASSLACHER group across several trades.

The roof is approximately 24 x 12 m in size and consists of rafters, purlins and A-frames. The frames were completely pre-assembled in the factory, including cross laminated timber panels with screw-press bonding and approx. 1.5 m long, glued-in threaded rods to transfer the load from the cross beams. In addition, the steel parts of the column feet had to be pre-assembled with millimeter precision so that they could be installed on 16 individually cast bolts on the construction site. The cross members are block-glued from four individual CNC-machined beams.

Involved companies of the HASSLACHER group:

  • HESS Timber GmbH, Kleinheubach, DE
  • HASSLACHER Holzbausysteme GmbH, Hermagor, AT
  • NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH, Stall, AT
  • GEMSON GmbH, Rangersdorf, AT
Project information
Location: Lichtenau bei Chemnitz, DE
Customer: EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG
Design and construction: HESS TIMBER GmbH
Builder: EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG
Year of construction: 2024
Used wooden products: 27 m³ glued laminated timber, 1 m³ cross laminated timber, 21 m² three-layered solid wood panels