HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders


Moravská Třebová (Czech Republic)

The two arched glue laminated beams span approx. 17 m. Assembly and painting of the structure were carried out at the factory so that the bridge only had to be moved into place and installed on site. What makes this trough bridge special are the milled recesses in the glue laminated timber elements. "Truth and love will overcome lies and hatred", according to Vaclav Havel (1936–2011). This bridge was built in honour of the last president of Czechoslovakia and Nobel prize winner.

Project information
Location: Moravská Třebová – Tschechien
Customer: Lekon TSK s.r.o.
Structural analysis and design: Lekon TSK s.r.o.
Year of construction: 2014
Products used: Glue laminated timber in special shapes