HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Leading climate conference

Herwig Kohla at the podium of CERAWeek in the USA

As a prominent energy conference, CERAWeek has been bringing together the who is who of global energy and supply companies, as well as top-class experts from institutions, manufacturing, political and automobile associations every year for 40 years. In 2022 from 7 to 11 March, in Houston, Texas (USA), new solutions, innovations and insights regarding the greatest challenges in relation to energy, the environment and the climate of the future are being discussed and moved forwards. As an expert on the first-rate podium, DDr. Herwig Kohla, COO of the HASSLACHER Group, is the only Austrian among 100 participating nations.

With the title “Pace of Change: Energy, Climate and Innovation”, the influential and international platform is focussing on the accelerating pace of change. New business models, as well as the use of disruptive technologies in a lower emission future, require new forms of cooperation. The increasing and recent geopolitical tensions, growing trade conflicts and supply chain shortages are influencing the competitive environment. New ways of thinking, innovation and an inventive spirit are required to bring about a system change in the world economy.

Over 800 speakers and strategists from more than 100 nations provide an interesting outlook on what the energy transition signifies for politics, technologies and markets.

Podium discussion: Natural carbon reduction
“It is a great honour to be invited to CERAWeek as a ‘speaker’”, states DDr. Herwig Kohla about the top-class conference. “In the HASSLACHER Group, we are increasingly focussing on a holistic consideration of the whole supply chain, from the tree trunk to the finished product. We are thereby constantly seeking to make the process steps more efficient and climate-positive.” Herwig Kohla will be available as a podium guest on the topic of “Natural CO2 reduction”, which plays a significant role in the achievement of a global net zero goal.

The purpose of net zero concepts is to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as is produced. An important role is played by the reduction of avoidable emissions and the balancing of remaining emissions with the help of CO2 reduction projects. Even so, the solutions often vary greatly according to the geographical region, type and method. Given the many associated challenges, there is often uncertainty regarding their true potential for CO2 reduction. Wood from sustainably managed forests plays an important role in the decarbonisation of the construction industry: As a CO2 absorber and as a CO2 negative building material. Forestry, alongside building with wood, is therefore a key solution, as CO2 from the atmosphere is bonded and stored for long periods.

More information about CERAWeek: ceraweek.com

About Herwig Kohla
DDr. Herwig Kohla is COO and Member of the Board of the HASSLACHER Group and is driving the aim of the company forwards of becoming climate-neutral. The HASSLACHER Group is the first certified timber company that issues CO2 certificates for its products. Herwig Kohla has more than 25 years of management experience in different positions in the oil and gas, wood pulp and paper, as well as packaging industry.

About the HASSLACHER Group
The HASSLACHER Group is a global innovation leader in the field of intelligent and integrated system solutions for modern timber construction. For many generations, the family-run enterprise has had its roots in wood as a wonderfully renewable raw material and for over 120 years has stood for a pioneering spirit, excellence, quality, sustainability and social responsibility.

Together with its 1800 employees, the HASSLACHER Group produces innovative products for modern timber construction in the areas of sawn timber, profiled timber, glulam, cross laminated timber and construction timber at eight sites in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Russia. True to our motto “From wood to wonders.”

Photo: DDr. Herwig Kohla, MBA - COO of HASSLACHER Group. © HASSLACHER Group | private

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