HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Tianfu Agriculture Expo China

HASSLACHER Group supplies glulam special components

With the aim of revitalizing the agricultural area in the Chinese province of Sichuan, the Tianfu Agriculture Expo Park which has an exhibition area of around 75,000 m2 is the largest wooden structure in China to date. The HASSLACHER Group in cooperation with StructureCraft has supplied special glued laminated timber components.

Unique hybrid Vierendeel truss
At the Tianfu Agriculture Expo, five halls in the form of a vaulted structure are planned for the roofing of this area. The Vierendeel truss arched girders span a length of 115 m and reach a height of up to 45 m. Each truss segment weighs up to 30 tons. Canadian firm StructureCraft is the structural engineer and builder for the roof structures, working closely with the local design institute CADG for the past two years to design a world-first hybrid Vierendeel truss made of wood and steel, a signature design by Gerald Epp from StructureCraft.

Glulam single element manufacturing
All glulam elements are individual and made to order and were manufactured at the HASSLACHER Group's sites in Hermagor and Kleinheubach, provided with the necessary joinery work and delivered to Chengdu as a kit by -rail on the new Silk Road. Installation of these structures is now well under way on site, managed by StructureCraft’s site teams.

The entire machining was controlled entirely by an automated digital fabrication process for generating CNC files directly from the StructureCraft Rhino models. With this outstanding project, the HASSLACHER Group was once again able to assert itself against the strong international competition.

Products used: Glued laminated timber
Location: Chengdu, China
Customer: StructureCraft
Architect / LDI: CuiKai / CADG
Structural Engineer: StructureCraft / CADG

Additional information:
HASSLACHER Group: hasslacher.com
StructureCraft: structurecraft.com

Pictures: © HASSLACHER Gruppe | StructureCraft

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