From wood to wonders

Customized products – customized delivery

With a wide range of products the possibilities are endless: Whether cross-laminated timber with its Exzellent, sanded surfaces or individually tested glue laminated beams – GLT®, solid timber ceilings with the best price-performance ratio or glue laminated timber up 4 m high and 40 m long – the customized order can be combined for delivery on one truck.

All over the world, customers of HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER build on top timber quality, optimum logistics and coordination by a central contact.

Perfectly planned, efficiently built

Customers design and erect, HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER cuts exactly to size and delivers to the construction site just in time.

Whether construction company, architect's office, carpenter's workshop or timber dealer, all appreciate the short communication paths and competent service. Constructive timber engineering 4.0 functions with compatible planning software which gives customers a virtually direct link to production in the glue laminated timber plant.

    Reliable purchase of all ranges at any time of the year

    Forest owners rely on HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER. There are dedicated buyers on hand to assist suppliers in every region so that log wood purchasing goes quickly, smoothly and competently at every stage. From timber harvesting to forest management, they are professional contacts with heart and soul.

    This ensures that the raw timber is purchased conscientiously and reliably in all qualities and in any market situation. Spruce, fir, larch and pine are all processed from sustainably managed forests – from root to crown!

    Expertise for climate protection

    Sustainability in practice is the top priority for HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER not only in terms of the raw material but also when using energy. HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER is therefore proud to generate more energy from sustainable renewable sources than it uses in production.

      A tree of a company

      This company has grown. Growing from the roots of a family farming enterprise with close ties to the region is an established main core of responsible entrepreneurs who are making self-reliance and enthusiasm for raw timber grow ever greater. Teamwork, employee leadership and communication form the branches of HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, the achievements and innovations are self-supporting. These annual growth rings are impressive and so are the forks and branches between high-tech and craftsmanship.

      Hasslacher sites

      Information at a glance

      From wood to wonders. The experts at HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER have the answers to your questions. With absolute certainty.

      Knock on wood

      Learning to count annual growth rings, getting to the root of a problem, aiming high, passionately building a career:
      HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER is one of the largest employers in Upper Carinthia and has a European workforce of over 1,600 at eight sites. The company offers apprenticeship training from timber technician and metal technician to electrician, structural draftsman/woman to business administrator!

      In-house workshops, a trainee program, its own management academy and apprenticeship with higher school certificate challenge and encourage all who plunge headlong into the adventure that is the timber industry.

        Hasslacher Norica Timber, from wood to wonders


        is expanding its CNC capacities

        4 new Hundegger CNC machines are being operated in Sachsenburg, Stall and Preding
        Due to the steadily increasing demand for ready-made engineered wood products, the CNC capacities at the sites in Sachsenburg, Stall im Mölltal and Preding in Styria were expanded by a total of four CNC machines.

        Hundegger K2 industry in Preding
        A Hundegger K2i has been successfully installed at the production site Preding location. This machine specialises in the production of finger jointed structural timber and GLT® - Girder Longitudinally Tensiletested, along with glued solid timber DUO/TRIO and medium-sized glued laminated timber. Flexible mechanisation with automatic tool changers leaves nothing to be desired as far as post-processing and CNC technology is concerned, and even complicated joints for carpentry can be produced efficiently and at low cost.

        New timber CNC capacities in NORITEC Sachsenburg
        The ROBOT-Drive 1250 from Hundegger is ideal for companies whose main interest is high flexibility with almost unlimited machining options. Glued laminated timber with dimensions of up to 280 mm in width, 1250 mm in height and 22 m in length can be machined precisely and efficiently with the 6-axle unit, including an automatic tool changer with 18 tools and additional circular saw and drilling units. A new K2i has also been invested in. This machine is able to process glued laminated timber up to a length of 27 m. With these new investments, NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH’s CNC capacity was increased to 25,000 m3 per year.

        CNC machining centre in Stall im Mölltal
        The newly built CNC panel cutting machine for the cross laminated timber plant in Stall im Mölltal is equipped with a five-axle spindle with automatic tool changer, two three-axle milling spindles, two deep-hole drilling units with a horizontal drilling depth of 150 cm, and two vertical drilling units. The third timber post-processing facility at the CLT production site means that it will be possible to process around 60,000 m3 of cross laminated timber in 2018.

        From the trunk to the ready-made roof truss or timber construction system, everything is from one source!
        As a result of these new investments, in addition to cross laminated timber, glued laminated timber, and glued solid timber DUO/TRIO, the HASSLACHER Group is also able to process finger jointed structural timber
        and GLT® - Girder Longitudinally Tensiletested directly at the production site and, on request, to deliver them directly to the construction site. Further information can be obtained at any time from the responsible sales representative.

        Your advantages:

        • Ready-made components delivered to the construction site „just in time“
        • Almost unlimited machining options due to state-of-the-art technology
        • The highest precision with optimised material utilisation
        • Reduced manipulation expenditure for a high-quality engineered wood product
        • Fast and economical assembly on the construction site due to a high degree of prefabrication
        • Professional support in planning, consulting and service by qualified staff