HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Grandstand Budafok

Budafo near Budapest

© ESH Engineering
© ESH Engineering

The sports field in Budafok received a new roof for the grandstand in 2017. The 22 special components out of glulam used for this have a length of 18.5 m and were pre-assembled at HASSLACHER's sit in Hermagor as a kit and delivered to Budafok equipped with a total of 3,800 kg of steel parts. For the roof area of about 2,000 m² 210 m³ of HASSLACHER's glulam ceiling system were delivered from the produciton site at Magdeburg and assembled by our customer ESH Engineering.

Project information
Location: Budafo near Budapest
Customer: ESH Engineering in Rangersdorf/Austria
Architect: Kasib Mèrnöki Manager Iroda Kft.– Herr Robert Fùtò (Budapest)
Structural analysis and design: Baumeister Ing. Bruno Kalles
Builder: BMTE – Budafoki Munkàs Testedzò Egyesület
Year of construction: 2017
Products used: 150 m³ Glulam special components, 210 m³ glulam ceiling systems
Special features: Instead of the typical sheet metal panels, HASSLACHER's glulam ceiling system was used as load-bearing roof elements.