HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Business Award

The HASSLACHER Group is Austria's Leading Company in Carinthia

Magazine Die Presse, together with KSV1870 and PwC Austria, presented the 24th Austria's Leading Companies awards to the country's best companies in the national and international categories.

The award ceremony took place on 17.10.2022 at Casineum Velden, where the HASSLACHER Group was crowned Austria’s Leading Company in Carinthia in the international category! Thereby, the HASSLACHER Group also takes part in the Austrian national rating of Leading Companies from the states, whom the awards will give a big stage in 2023.

“Before and during the pandemic, we have already invested heavily in expanding our production facilities, especially in the glued timber area. We are an innovation leader in the area of intelligent and integrated system solutions for modern timber construction and operate internationally. That's only possible with top employees and equally qualified young talents. Which is why the Hasslacher Group places great emphasis on training and further eduction,” Christoph Kulterer, CEO & Owner of the HASSLACHER Group stated. “Moreover, we have switched our production facilities to self-sufficiency in terms of energy in good time. We produce almost all the energy we need ourselves – from renewable sources such as biomass, hydro power and solar energy. All this now pays off. The fact that it grows back makes wood a unique material and the ideal one for carbon-neutral building. One cubic metre of construction timber sequesters one ton of carbon. Adding to this is our building solutions’ high degree of prefabrication, quick installation and low costs. And they save time, too. Together with increasing prefabrication possibilities, this yields a huge potential that hasn’t nearly been realised yet.”

Despite Europe's comparatively sustainable use of wood, Christoph Kulterer identifies several future challenges: “Our biggest threat is false environmental romanticism. A sustainably managed forest is one of the most powerful tools to combat climate change as trees absorb carbon from atmosphere during their growth. Excluding certain portions of forests from use, as has been widely discussed as of late, limits the only regrowing resource the construction sector has. This would have fatal consequences, there would be less work, less added value and, in the long term, more carbon released.”

About the ALC Awards
The Austria's Leading Companies awards are Austria’s most important Business awards, presented by magazine Die Presse together with KSV1870 und PwC Austria. Here, what counts is not a company status on the respective day or the views of a jury but its balance sheet and financial performance over a period of three years. Objective analysis is ensured through a tried and tested ratings system based purely on numbers, which also enables comparisons between different sectors.

DDr. Herwig Kohla (COO of the HASSLACHER Group), Emma Kulterer, Christoph Kulterer, MBA (CEO & Owner of the HASSLACHER Group), Claudia Kulterer, Franz Meließnig, MBA (CFO of the HASSLACHER Group). © ALC Award

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