HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

HASSLACHER glued laminated timber

for the Mountain Resort Feuerberg

On the Gerlitzen Alpe, near Villach, lies the Mountain Resort Feuerberg at 1,765 m above sea level. The premium location with a panoramic view and a fantastic wellness area make the resort one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Carinthia. After four months of intensive construction, the Mountain Resort Feuerberg has now completed construction phase 15 and opened the new bathhouse “Sonnenbad”. Several areas changed in the course of the renovation — among other things, the sunbathing area was equipped with an impressive wooden dome. The HASSLACHER site in Hermagor supplied sheet trusses made of glued laminated timber. In total, “Kärntens Badewelt am Berg” (Carinthia’s bath world on the mountain) now offers around 4,500 square metres of wellness facilities with 12 pools, an alpine lake (solar temperature from June to August), a water slide, 11 saunas and 16 resting oasis. In addition to two large indoor pools, the “Skypool” is the new highlight on the Feuerberg. It floats at an airy height in the middle of the glass facade of the bathhouse.

Facts & figures:
Customer: Holzbau-Pichler
Architect: Architects Ronacher ZT GmbH
Statics: Civil Engineers | Lackner | Egger | ZT GmbH
Client: Mountain Resort Feuerberg

HASSLACHER glued laminated timber – The engineering timber beam

Since its patenting by Karl Otto Friedrich Hetzer in 1906, glued laminated timber has been the most successful product of the European wood industry for over 110 years. The HASSLACHER Group produces glued laminated timber for the world market at four locations. Heights of up to 4 m, lengths of up to 42 m, strength classes up to GL32, different species of wood (also hardwood) as well as several surface qualities comprise the broad product portfolio. The widths of the glued laminated timber elements can be extended at will by means of block bonding. Innovative sorting and production plants extract the optimum from the valuable raw wood and ensure the necessary flexibility. Using the most modern joinery and finishing systems, the glued laminated timber can be prefabricated to such an extent that finished joinery kits with surface finishing and built-in steel parts can be delivered just-in-time directly to the construction site with the highest possible precision and quality.

Pictures © Martin Hofmann, Gernot Gleiss, Holzbau Pichler

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