HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Glued laminated timber

The engineered wood beam.

Areas of application

  • Detached houses and apartment buildings
  • Multi-storey residential and office buildings
  • Public buildings and administrative buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Industrial and production hall-type buildings
  • Sports halls and leisure facilities

Areas of use

  • Roof truss and roof structures even in the exposed area
  • Long-span main beams also in special shapes
  • Supports and columns
  • Ceiling structure or as support grid system


  • The best form of innovation: straight, cambered and in special shapes
  • Large span lengths
  • High load-carrying capacity with low density
  • High dimensional stability due to gluing
  • Fast and dry construction method
  • Can be worked with simple tools
  • High fire resistance and chemical resistance
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • Natural, renewable and 100 % recyclable building material


Information about glued laminated timber special components

Glued laminated

Mini glulam beams.

Areas of application

  • Interior and exterior application

Areas of use

  • Sub-structure for terraces and facades
  • Garden wood elements


  • Perfect for sub-structures and outdoor application
  • Planed and chamfered construction timber
  • Thanks to multi-layer bonding practically no twisting or distortion.


ANSI-Certificate Glued laminated timber ANSI A190-1 NORDLAM GmbH NL2 en.pdfpdf 1.02 MB
ANSI-Certificate Glued laminated timber ANSI A190-1 NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.60 MB
CE-Certificate Block glued glulam EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbausysteme GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.44 MB
CE-Certificate Block glued glulam EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbH Co KG en.pdfpdf 0.85 MB
CE-Certificate Block glued glulam EN 14080-2013 NORDLAM GmbH NL1 en.pdfpdf 0.42 MB
CE-Certificate Block glued glulam EN 14080-2013 NORDLAM GmbH NL2 en.pdfpdf 0.42 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 GEMSON GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.41 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbausysteme GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.44 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbH Co KG en.pdfpdf 0.85 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 NORDLAM GmbH NL1 en.pdfpdf 0.42 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 NORDLAM GmbH NL2 en.pdfpdf 0.42 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.62 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber HASSLACHER BauBuche ETA-18-1018 HASSLACHER Holzbau GmbHCoKG en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber HASSLACHER GLT Birch ETA-19-0031 NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.39 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber with largeFJ EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbausysteme GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.44 MB
CE-Certificate Glued laminated timber with largeFJ EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbHCoKG en.pdfpdf 0.85 MB
Certificate A DIN 1052-10 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbH Co KG en.pdfpdf 0.89 MB
Certificate B DIN 1052-10 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbH Co KG en.pdfpdf 0.88 MB
Certificate C1 DIN 1052-10 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbH Co KG en.pdfpdf 0.21 MB
Certificate D DIN 1052-10 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbH Co KG en.pdfpdf 0.88 MB
DOC HHS BSH en V2 0.pdfpdf 0.17 MB
DOC HHT BSH en V2 0.pdfpdf 0.17 MB
DOC NL1 BSH en V3 0.pdfpdf 0.22 MB
DOC NL2 BSH en V3 0.pdfpdf 0.22 MB
DOC NTC BSH en V2 0.pdfpdf 0.13 MB
DOP GMS BSH en V2 0.pdfpdf 0.07 MB
DOP HBT HBB en V1 0.pdfpdf 0.20 MB
DOP HHS BSH en V6 0.pdfpdf 0.28 MB
DOP HHT BSH en V4 0.pdfpdf 0.17 MB
DOP NL1 BSH en V4 0.pdfpdf 0.21 MB
DOP NL2 BSH en V6 0.pdfpdf 0.21 MB
DOP NTC BSH-BI en V1 0.pdfpdf 0.19 MB
DOP NTC BSH en V3 0.pdfpdf 0.18 MB
EPD GLT GST BGG SC ISO 14025 EN 15804 A2 HASSLACHER Holding GmbH en.pdfpdf 1.28 MB
EPI-BREEAM GLT GST BGG SC ISO 14025 EN 15804 A2 HASSLACHER Holding GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.35 MB
EPI-DGNB GLT GST BGG SC ISO 14025 EN 15804 A2 HASSLACHER Holding GmbH de.pdfpdf 0.35 MB
EPI-LEED-v4-1 GLT GST BGG SC ISO 14025 EN 15804 A2 HASSLACHER Holding GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.39 MB
ETA-18 1018 Glued laminated timber HASSLACHER BauBuche HASSACHER Holzbauteile GmbH Co KG en.pdfpdf 0.38 MB
ETA-19 0031 Glued laminated timber HASSLACHER GLT Birch NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.38 MB
Test Attestation Glued laminated timber Glued laminated solid timber formaldehyde 0 01 ppm en.pdfpdf 0.83 MB
Test Attestation Glued laminated timber NL1 formaldehyde 0 01 ppm en.pdfpdf 0.63 MB
Test Report VOC-Measurement based on the AgBB guidelines and according EN 16516 en.pdfpdf 6.42 MB
UKCA-Certificate Block glued glulam EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbausysteme GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Block glued glulam EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbH Co KG en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Block glued glulam EN 14080-2013 NORDLAM GmbH NL1 en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Block glued glulam EN 14080-2013 NORDLAM GmbH NL2 en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbausysteme GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbH Co KG en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 NORDLAM GmbH NL1 en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 NORDLAM GmbH NL2 en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Glued laminated timber EN 14080-2013 NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Glued laminated timber with largeFJ EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbausysteme GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB
UKCA-Certificate Glued laminated timber with largeFJ EN 14080-2013 HASSLACHER Holzbauteile GmbH en.pdfpdf 0.11 MB

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