HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Sykkylven Skole

Sykkylven, Norway

© Magnus Andersen - Woodcon
© Magnus Andersen - Woodcon
© Magnus Andersen - Woodcon
© Magnus Andersen - Woodcon

The new school building in the municipality of Sykkylven on the west coast of Norway was designed with mass timber in mind, built from glulam and cross laminated timber. The building owner is convinced that the more than 500 pupils aged 6 to 12 will feel at home in the 8,200 m² area surrounded by wood. Walls and ceilings are made of cross laminated timber; beams, girders and columns and all other bar-shaped wooden elements are made of around 80 m³ of glulam, with all the CNC machining done at the HASSLACHER sites. Due to the high degree of prefabrication, the construction time for the timber construction was only nine weeks. After a total construction period of two years, the building will be ready for use in autumn 2023.

Why was this school built in wood?
One of the most important aspects of building with wood is the environmental aspect or climate protection and the CO2 saving potential. The environmental aspect is a top priority in Norway, as in many other countries. The use of wood in buildings can drastically reduce emissions compared to concrete and steel and at the same time store the greenhouse gas CO2 (carbon dioxide). Wood as a building material has high mechanical properties in relation to its low bulk density, it is easier to work with and transport, it creates a better working environment during construction, and the result is a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. It has been proven that people prefer to work and live in wooden buildings.

Studies in England, Germany and Austria show that people's heart rates actually decrease when they enter a wooden building. In wooden schools, pupils feel more comfortable, are much calmer and can concentrate better. This is confirmed by numerous studies, but teachers and pupils also find that wood creates a cosy and warm environment for working and learning.

Project information
Location: Sykkylven, Norway
Customer: Woodcon Norway
Architect or planner: Ola Roald / STREKEN, Norconsult
Design and construction: Woodplan Graz
Builder: Komune Sykkylven
Year of building: 2022
Time for building: 9 Weeks (Timber)
Used wooden products: HASSLACHER Glued laminated timber