From wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Office Faltheiner

Kirchbach in Carinthia

© Holzbau Faltheiner
© Holzbau Faltheiner
© Holzbau Faltheiner
© Holzbau Faltheiner

Impressive mountains, green forests, blooming meadows and in the middle of the family owned company "Holzbau Faltheiner". Following our own design a ground-level office building was created here: a practical and interesting combination of timber, glass and aluminum.

Project information
Location: Kirchbach in Carinthia
Customer: Holzbau Faltheiner
Architect: Christoph & Florian Faltheiner
Structural analysis and design: Holzbau Faltheiner
Building owner: Holzbau Faltheiner
Year of construction: 2017
Products used: glued laminated timber, cross laminated timber with excellentsurface, cladding-profiles out of larch
Special features: Auszeichnung PREFArenzen 2018