HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders


15 m. euros investment & new jobs

Good news from NORDLAM GmbH based in Magdeburg: Since it was acquired by the HASSLACHER Group in 2017, lots of things have happened at NORDLAM GmbH: More than 15 million Euros were invested into the two NORDLAM plants in Magdeburg to optimally cater to today’s glued laminated timber markets with their individual demands towards quality and commissions. Within a short period of time, the production was converted from standard products to individual, made-to-order glued laminated timber production. This investment led to NORDLAM GmbH’s Magdeburg location becoming one of the world’s most modern production sites.

40 new jobs at the world's market leader
“Investing 15 million Euros into this location has allowed us to increase our capacity by 30 % and also raise value creation through pre-fabrication. Simultaneously, we invest massively into organisation and employee development. 40 new jobs, some of which are still to be filled, offer young people an appealing work environment in an ecologically oriented industry of the future,” says Fabian Kern, Managing Director of NORDLAM GmbH.

Image: © HASSLACHER Group
Investing 15 million Euros, NORDLAM GmbH based in Magdeburg, creates 50 new jobs. NORDLAM GmbH is a 100-% subsidiary of the HASSLACHER Group, the world’s market leader for glued laminated timber.

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