From wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

Commercial hall Ladstätter

Waidegg im Gailtal in Carinthia

© Holzbau Faltheiner
© Holzbau Faltheiner
© Holzbau Faltheiner
© Holzbau Faltheiner

Glued laminated timber with curved lower chords are the ideal main girders for such hall constructions. The horizontal stiffening of the building is done by clamped reinforced concrete columns. Due to the rather narrow radius of the curved lower chord, tension reinforcements had to be made, which were installed at the Hermagor site. The construction of the commercial hall is designed so that it can be extended on both sides in the future.

Project information
Location: Waidegg im Gailtal in Carinthia
Customer: Holzbau Faltheiner
Architect: PlanCompany Bauplanungs GmbH
Structural analysis and design: Holzbau Faltheiner
Builder: Ladstätter GmbH
Year of construction: 2020
Products used: 62 m³ glued laminated timber special components, 39 m³ glued laminated timber