HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

GLT® - Girder Longitudinally Tensiletested

Only the best can stand the test!

Safety step 1

Quality grading

Specially selected and certified sawn timber is produced, kiln-dried and pre-graded by our specialists at the company’s own sawing works.

Safety step 2

High-tech strength grading

The latest X-ray and laser technology enables the uncompromising recognition and elimination of strength-related deficiencies in the wood.

Safety step 3

Patented tensile testing

Usually the strength of supporting components is only monitored based on random sampling – that is not the case with GLT®. Each GLT® beam is subject to the patented tensile proof loading process over the whole length of the beam in accordance with ÖNORM B 4125 and therefore comprehensive quality assurance is ensured.

Areas of application

  • Hall and industrial construction
  • Multi-storey residential buildings
  • Single and multi-family homes
  • Constructive timber engineering
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Timber Frame Building

Areas of use

  • Rafter-supporting purlins in hall construction
  • Rafters and purlins as roof constructions
  • Main beam in floors incl. in visible areas
  • Highly stressed bending beams
  • Timber Frame studs, trimmers, headers and soleplates


  • Volume and cost saving of up to 30 %
  • Easy in dimensioning like glued laminated timber
  • Highest levels of safety along finger joints thanks to tensile proof loading
  • CE-certified in accordance with ETA-13/0644
  • High load bearing capacity with low density
  • Transparent glue lines on finger joints
  • Cut to exact lengths of up to 18 m
  • Included in standard design software
  • Available in visible and industrial qualities

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Note: We would like to inform you that HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER supplies exclusively to Commercial Customer.