From wood to wonders
HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

HASSLACHER turns 120!

For generations, our lives have been intricately linked to wood – a magnificent, renewable resource that shaped the history of our family and company.

Our Group's story goes back to Jakob Hasslacher’s birth on the 5th of June 1881 and the establishment of his Sachsenburg-based wood grinding mill in 1901.

Each generation of our globally active family business had its own time. Everyone has developed the company and produced innovations, celebrated success, but also mastered crises that made us stronger. Our 120-year history has not only shaped us, but our surroundings as well. Everyone here at the HASSLACHER Group is proud to be allowed to continue shaping this history.

We now celebrate 120 years of the HASSLACHER Group – a stretch of time that showcases the strong roots we can build on. To our staff, tradition, technical know-how, innovative strength, efficiency and wood – the building material of future generations.

„From wood to wonders.“


This anniversary website will continue to be filled and expanded over the coming weeks and months.

So it's worth checking back here again and again.

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