From wood to wonders
      HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, from wood to wonders

      Waste-to-Energy Plant

      Leeds, Great Britain

      Project information
      Location: Leeds, Great Britain
      Architect: Jean-Robert Mazaud, S'pace Architects, Paris, France
      Year of construction: 2014/2015
      Products HESS TIMBER: Hess Basic, HESS BLOCK
      Special features:

      • Glulam construction for 3 buildings of a waste-to-energy plant
      • The main building is 42 m high, 123 m long and 35 m wide
      • Partially block-glued beams with 400 x 760 mm cross-sections
      • Total volume: approx. 2,600 m³ glulam
      • Timber species: spruce
      • This timber construction is UK´s biggest and tallest glulam project so far.